Abolfazl Stone Industries (Sang Iran) has started its activities in 1995 in the field of manufacturing and exporting various types of building stones including marble, granite, china stone and travertine.

Utilizing the most advanced and modern machines and the production of various types of building stones in a variety of high quality, distinguishes us from other competitors.


We produce a variety of Marble, Travertine and Granite Stones for export to all over the world.

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The stone industry of Abolfazl (Iran Stone) with more than two decades of experience and experience in the production of various types of building stones and possessing experienced and experienced staff whose main capital is being embedded, has always tried to produce high quality products of its kind Such as an effective step towards the industrial development of the country.

In this regard, the strict observance of internationally recognized standards and high quality manufacturing capabilities enable us to expand our business in addition to supplying domestic orders, in foreign trade and exporting to other countries.

Jalal Ahmadi

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